Yahoo reworks its messenger app – Enter Livetext video chat

Yahoo’s new messenger app Livetext was released earlier this year and currently available only in the Hong Kong app store for IOS.  Yahoo describes the new video chat app Welcome to Livetext for iOS, the most natural way to have REAL conversations. It’s live video texting, without sound. You will feel like your friends are

Want to set your photos to music – Join the craze at Flipagram

In an article at TechCrunch today, Flipagram is featured.  They describe it as a cross between Instagram and Youtube. “Flipagrams” which can include photos, text, audio and music. It’s a mix of Instagram and YouTube…maybe a bit of a old school RockYou component. No matter how you look at it, Flipagram has seen enormous growth

Seinfeld on Hulu

Need I say more… ohhhhhhhh yeah! “The Summer of George starts now with every episode of Seinfeld now streaming on Hulu. Yada. Yada. Yada… So much yada.”