Hulu offers pay commercial-free option for a little more than pay commercial option

Hulu trying to go up against Netflix and Amazon

With the new Hulu pay commercial-free option, featured in an article in the NY Times, they hope to compete more effectively with Netflix and Amazon video streaming.  Currently Hulu offers a wide-range of content that includes current and classic TV shows, clips, movies and more.  Subscribers can access episodes in HD when available, from ABD, Fox, NBC, and the CW the day after they air for a monthly $7.99/mo subscription fee.

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Commercial-free Option

The new commercial-free option will be offered at $11.99/mo starting Wednesday.  Mike Hopkins, Hulu’s chief executive explains:

“You can split people into two categories: ad avoiders and ad acceptors,” Mr. Hopkins said. “There are clearly people who just are not going to buy Hulu because there are ads. We think we can bring them back into the fold with new content and this new choice.

Indeed, soon after Hulu started streaming episodes of “Seinfeld,” viewers used social media to complain about being forced to watch ads in order to watch the classic comedy series. Mr. Hopkins said the company noticed.

With this new option, the streaming offerings continue to grow to many with lots of options to analyze.  Truly there will be a combination of choices soon to satisfy even the most particular viewer.  This author believes there will be many more offerings from more vendors in the coming year.  In the end, this means more choice – a real plus for us, the viewers.

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