Pluto TV get's Spotify's first employee

Ken Parks, Spotify’s chief content officer is leaving the Spotify in October and joining Pluto as executive chairman.

From a post in Silicon Alley Insider: “Parks joined Spotify in 2007, and was the company’s first US employee.”

With the move away from traditional cable and satellite continues alternatives like the Pluto TV startup continues to heat up.  Pluto started in 2013 and has managed to secure $13 million in funding.

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The company curates videos from consumers’ favorite sources on the web, then re-organizes them into more general categories like music, entertainment, sports, and comedy. Consumers can build a library of programming and watch what they want, giving them a unique advantage over other services.

In early July, the company reached a deal with Hulu that would allow users to stream new and old Hulu content from a variety of networks, including ABC, NBC, and Fox


And if you’re like me… you never have enough Seinfeld:


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