Microsoft Releases Windows 10 – Positive Review from Yahoo!

Microsoft Releases Windows 10 – Positive Review from Yahoo!

David Pogue gives an invetive and glowing review of Microsoft’s Windows 10 over at Yahoo Tech. This is welcome news considering by all accounts the complete failure of Windows 8. Or as Pogue puts it:

The Windows 8 error—I mean era—is over. As though to distance itself from that debacle, Microsoft skipped the name Windows 9 altogether. It’s gone directly for Windows 10, which you can start downloading on Wednesday, July 29. (Microsoft has warned us that it may take a few days for the upgrade to be available to everyone.)

Given this and other postive reviews I plan on giving Windows yet another try. Tentave I will tread, however. I’ll start with a virtual machine install first to see how well that goes before installing it more permanently elsewhere.

Let me know what you think. How well did Windows 10 install go. Does it meet your day-to-day? And my favorite question is always – Is it more intuitive?
Good Luck!

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