Micron and Intel Produce Superfast Memory

Micron and Intel Produce Superfast Memory

3D_XPoint_DieIt’s call 3D XPoint  Architecture – a joint venture between Micron and Intel.  And it’s revolutionary – a result of 10 years of research and development .  With access times reduced at near 1000 times and optimized to access large amounts of small data sets; this new technology promises to revolutionize current and new applications that have such requirements.

Described in the release:

The 3D XPoint innovative, transistor-less cross point architecture creates a three-dimensional checkerboard where memory cells sit at the intersection of words lines and bit lines, allowing the cells to be addressed individually. As a result, data can be written and read in small sizes, leading to fast and efficient read/write processes.

Types of applications that this tech would affect include biotech modeling, disease tracking and genetics.  Perhaps not so glamorous as the new “shiny” smartphone this achievement could have a major, yet indirect, positive impact on humanity.


The Intel/Micron Webcast can be found here

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