The Drones are coming, the Drones are coming!

The Drones are coming, the Drones are coming!

NASA is going to host a Drone summit soon to facilitate a way to manage the upcoming traffic in the sky above.   As investment in drones is taking off the possibility of thousands of drones fill the sky a few hundred feet off the ground increases.  This is going to drive the need for control and possible regulation.  Getting out in front of this NASA hopes to work with the leaders in the space to devise possible solutions.

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Google, Verizon, Amazon amount 10 or more other major corporations are working together to define an all new low attitude air traffic control system. There’s no denying that drones will be an important business model in the very near future. The modern truckers of the sky are coming. Now is the time to be sure that the skies remain safe.

So what’s in for these companies?  In an article in Bloomberg:

To the winners will go a foothold in an emerging multibillion-dollar economy of unmanned flying machines. That’s helped attract venture capital firms like Accel Partners, Intel Corp.’s investment arm and Millennium Technology Value Partners.


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