Yahoo reworks its messenger app – Enter Livetext video chat

Yahoo reworks its messenger app – Enter Livetext video chat

Yahoo’s new messenger app Livetext was released earlier this year and currently available only in the Hong Kong app store for IOS.  Yahoo describes the new video chat app

Welcome to Livetext for iOS, the most natural way to have REAL conversations. It’s live video texting, without sound. You will feel like your friends are right there with you.

A no sound video, this new app is not a Skype or FaceTime equivalent.  It’s a one to one communication with a video accompaniment.  Your conversation takes place in text with a realtime video-view of your chat partner and their surroundings.
Screen Shot 2015-07-20 at 4.56.05 AM

Livetext transforms simple conversations into rich, fun, and memorable experiences. It’s an entirely new way to stay in touch. For example, livetext your friends no matter where you are—whether you’re hanging out with other friends, at a ballgame, in a club, or commuting on a train— and share a goofy face or a glimpse of the world around you.

What may make this new entry a contender into a very crowded genre of messenger apps is its inventive way of employing video without audio.  This allows you to share each other’s environment without disturbing those around you.

OK, Yahoo we’re ready to try it, time to expand beyond Hong Kong.

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