Find your lost pet with Finding Rover

Find your lost pet with Finding Rover

Facial-recognition technology is now being used to register your dog in the Finding Rover database by the Animal Humane Society in the Twin Cities.  From the Star Tribune:

Rather than tack up posters in the neighborhood to search for Spot, pet owners can use a free smartphone app that uses facial-recognition technology to help find their pets. And last week, the Animal Humane Society in the Twin Cities began adding photos of the strays they take in to the Finding Rover app’s database.


No worries, tracking your cat as well is coming in August.  Many dogs fail to be found yearly regardless of all the signs posted on poles; mainly due to the lack of collars with ID tags.

The service works with your smartphone Finding Rover app.  Take a picture of your pooch and submit it to the database along with the ZIP code.

When the finder locates your pet and opens the  app  they use a “bark” button to emit the sound of a squealing dog – a creative twist to capture a perfect head shot. This photo is submitted to the Finding Rover database.  The software then begins its pattern matching..

according to the Finding Rover website. “Lost Dog” and “Found Dog” digital posters appear on an interactive map, allowing users to see in real time where dogs have been found or lost.

You can also go online with your computer at to submit photos.

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