Try this in a bar(or restaurant) – Tune in with Tunity

Try this in a bar(or restaurant) – Tune in with Tunity

A co-worker introduced me to a truly niche app one day at lunch.  Considering the crowd, we decided to eat at the bar of the local burger chain venue.  Like most bars, there was a TV tuned to ESPN. The app is called Tunity and its purpose is simple. Identify what’s playing on the TV and playback the audio through your phone.  I downloaded Tunity and tried it – it worked flawlessly.

Consider the scenario where you’re in a restaurant where there are multiple screens about.  You identify the local team on one screen but can’t hear the sound emanating over the din present in the crowded eatery.  You pull out your iPhone, startup the Tunity app, take a virtual picture of the screen from afar (it actually does a virtual scanner like graphic swipe).  In just a sec or two, the program and station is identified.  Then the audio streams to your device.  I plug in my headphones and begin my personal viewing while looking over the menu.  The final touch is the latency controls displayed on your phone to get that perfect lip sync.Screen Shot 2015-07-08 at 11.40.30 AM

A similar scenario could be crafted to your local gym – consider that 30 min on the elliptical staring at the TV 10 feet away.

I’m a firm believer that niche apps are the best, the more niche the better.  I have more weather and camera apps than I can count but the best ones are the ones that isolate a feature, e.g, filters. for your photos.

It should be noted that not all channels and programs are identified.  They tend to be sport channels totaling around 80 as of this writing. The web-site is seeking out more partners from gyms, restaurants, hospitals and universities as well.

I highly recommend you give Tunity a try – and the price is great too – Free!


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