New Heart Drug gets early approval – Will save millions of lives

New Heart Drug gets early approval – Will save millions of lives

From an article in Pioneer News: “On Tuesday, the FDA approved Novartis’ new Entresto (known previously as LCZ696) six weeks before the priority review action date.”

This drug could save lives of patients suffering from ejection fraction heart failure – an inability of the heart to properly pump blood.  As the Heart Association states: “The ejection fraction (EF) is an important measurement in determining how well your heart is pumping out blood and in diagnosing and tracking heart failure.”


Division head, David Epstein from Novartis , expressed that this drug can save lives or, at least, prolong life for millions who suffer from heart failure.

The drug, Entresto, will be available by prescription for patients whose condition is what is classified as NYHA class II-IV, which is indicative of reduced risk for cardiovascular death and hospitalization related to heart failure.


Novartis Pharmaceuticals stands to make billions from Entresto sales.  Early estimates are $3 – $5 billion annually.

Considering that there over 6 million patients living with heart failure that this drug could mitigate, the profits seem well deserved.


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