Where do I get great podcasts? 5by5 Network

If you like to listen to really smart people talking about lots of cool stuff from a myriad of categories make your way over to the 5by5 network.


Dan Benjamin has put together over a number of years, a great collection of hosts covering tech, web, comics, financials, GTD and other topics too numerous to mention.  See Dan’s Wikipedia bio here.  His voice is soothing and he has a great talent for letting the guests be front and center; only probing with concise queries when needed to move the conversation along.


In my opinion, Benjamin’s most ambitious project to date is his relatively new daily show – the Dan Benjamin Hour.  Dan, along with his co-host/producer Haddie Cooke do a daily update covering mostly tech with the occasional guest via Skype or in person.  They play delightfully off each other in a genuine fashion.  Sure it can be challenge to find time for yet another podcast in your busy daily life but I find myself disappointed when the Dan is forced to miss a day – a rare occurrence.

My recommendation – give Dan and Haddie a try.  I think you’ll like it.

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