Google Earth Turns 10 – Voyager Feature Debuts Today

Doesn’t seem possible but it’s been ten years since Google first released their Google Earth product.  Sean Askay, Engineering Manager, Google Earth relates his first experiences with the product in today’s post on the Official Google Blog.  Additionally Sean also announces Google Earth’s latest feature – Voyager.  A creative way to view the most compelling images from around the world.


The world is a big place, and it can be hard to know where to begin your virtual journey. Now you can jump straight to the newest and most interesting imagery around the globe with a new layer, Voyager, available in desktop versions of Google Earth.

In this first edition of Voyager, you’ll find five sections to explore:

  • Street View: highlights from Street View, including the Taj Mahal and the Grand Canyon
  • Earth View: striking landscapes around the globe as seen from space (more below)
  • 3D cities: a showcase of cities and towns available in photorealistic 3D (don’t forget to tilt!)
  • Satellite imagery updates: a map of our most recently published satellite imagery
  • Highlight tour: with thousands of Voyager locations to choose from, take a quick tour of a few to whet your appetite


Also today, Google is adding many more images to its Earth View collection.  Click the image to get to Earth View.

For Earth’s 10th birthday, we’re expanding the Earth View collection to 1,500 landscapes from every continent and ocean and making it accessible to even more people.

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