Jim Beam's Letter to the FCC

Jim Beam's Letter to the FCC

Odd as it sounds, Jim Beam is very interested in broadband.  Enough so that it penned a letter to the FCC with concerns around large companies edging out small providers in some areas.  The company believes that competition would promote high-speed sorely needed in areas where Jim Beam does business.


From the Switch tech column in the Washington Post, they quote the letter to the FCC:

“In our 200 years in operation, Jim Beam has learned a thing or two about the three ‘b’s,’ bourbon, brands and business,” the company wrote in a letterto the FCC.

“Now the company says it’s adding a fourth “B” to the list: Broadband. From Jim Beam’s Illinois headquarters to its Kentucky distilleries and restaurants, high-speed Internet is integral to the company’s business.”


As the nation shifts from copper to high-speed fiber, Jim Beam hopes to promote fair competition in all parts areas of the country.  In other words, it will be good for businesses and essential for Jim Beam.


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