Apple Music Beats 1 Debut will change music forever

Apple Music Beats 1 Debut will change music forever

Why I believe Music is going to change how we listen to music forever:

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Apple Music if you don’t know, is a service with three parts.  Apple Music streaming, Apple Connect, and Beats 1 Radio.   The driving force for success, in my opinion is not the streaming music or the Connect service connecting new artists – it’s Beats 1.

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Beats 1 worldwide radio station – everyone that listens is hearing it at the same time.  Think about that.  That has never happened; save the World Cup,  the Olympics or some Award show.  In all those cases my contention is that the audience is watching more than listening.  With Beats, you listen.  You listen and you feel it.  My belief is based purely on two sources, my experience with its debut today along with the large amount of positive feedback from Twitter.   You will want to listen consistently and regularly.

The exposure to so much wide and extremely varied music is compelling.  You will hear non native language music, very good music that you will enjoy despite having no idea what the lyrics are.  This service will cement the belief that music is indeed the international language.  Additionally, Beats 1 promises to offer interviews with headliners in the business like Eminem, Drake and others.  Also, since there is really no sense of time, (it’s always morning somewhere), the selection of music is based on purely on how good the curators (Zane Lowe et al) believe it is, not time of day mood.

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Again, Apple is not the first to this product.  I believe however, that Apple has brought us the best version.  It’s so much more.  I hope to have more to say on Apple Music streaming and Apple Connect in a future post.

OK, back to Beats 1, broadcasting from London now!

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