Avengers Patrick Macnee has died at 93

Avengers Patrick Macnee has died at 93

Doesn’t seem all that long ago that I would lie on the floor in front of the family black and white TV watching the new installment of the Avenger series.  No CGI or crazy comic book strengths but powerful none the less.  Although he would have several more female sidekicks I’ll always remember  Diana Rigg (as Emma Peel) as the definitive one.

BBC News Entertainment features an article on Macnee highlighting his ability to don the bowler hat.


“Patrick Macnee, who has died age 93, was indelibly associated with the bowler hat he wore in The Avengers.”

From the Guradian:

Despite a long and diverse career in the theatre and cinema, Patrick Macnee, who has died aged 93, will be remembered as John Steed, the umbrella-twirling, bowler-hatted hero of the stylish derring-do TV series The Avengers.

A tip of the hat, as it were, to a good old friend and thanks for enhancing my younger years with your weekly adventures.