My Latest Podcast Add – Clockwise – Jason Snell, Dan Moren

Hosted by Jason Snell this show is a quick 30 minute discussion of 4 topics hosted by previous lead editor for Macworld, now of Sixcolors and Dan Moren, formerly a senior editor at Macworld, currently a freelance writer featured on Popular Science.  Joining Jason and Dan every week are two special guests.


What I like most is that the podcast gets right to it with chit-chat kept to a minimum.  If you’re a voracious podcast listener like me you appreciate this.  Almost weekly, I cull my podcast list due to tedious chatter dragging out what could be a good discussion into tedious repartee.  There are only so many hours in a day.

Topics are current and and passed around the virtual table with each person owning a topic and responsible for launching the discussion.  Guests are also very well chosen and compliment Moren and Snell very well.

The most recent episode of this writing, episode 93 featured Christa Mrgan and John Moltz.  Christa is an Interface Designer at Rogue Amoeba.  John Moltz, a well respected tech writer who’s stuff can be found in Macworld or on his own website as well as many other places.  Given this collection of tenured smart people, discussions were concise, provocative and compelling.

Thanks Jason and Dan – keep up the good work.  Look forward to many more awesome episodes.

Highly Recommended!

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