Polish airline hit by cyber attack

“All carriers are at risk” said the chief executive of Polish national carrier LOT in Reuter’s report.

“This is an industry problem on a much wider scale, and for sure we have to give it more attention,” LOT chief executive Sebastian Mikosz told a news conference.

“I expect it can happen to anyone anytime.”

The nature of the attack employs a common method that’s been used by hackers for decades – DDOS  Most modern systems are mostly immune to this type of attack

the problem was most likely caused by what is known as a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack — when a hacker deluges an organization’s system with so many communication requests that it overloads the server, and it can no longer carry out its normal functions

Security has always been one of those fundamental needs in IT that takes it on the chin most times since there’s no way to brag about it. It’s only noticed when you don’t have it properly implemented.

For now now  I’ll be taking the train, oh wait, there was that derailment in Philadelphia a few weeks ago.

Staycation it is!